Shodaqoh In Islamic Religion

Shodaqoh in Islam, this practice is separate ever Shodaqoh in our lives as Muslims in the world is done by both the Caliph's servant on Earth Not only is provision of Shodaqoh something against other people, but also smiling, getting rid of shodaqoh: anything that impedes another person in any way which reconciled, shodaqoh between two people at loggerheads, a step towards prayer, as well as other practices also shodaqoh.

God says in the Quran Surat Al-An'aam QS 160, "whoever brings him good then the charity tenfold reward he will receive, and he who brings evil deeds that he did not received but balanced with his crime, they are not a little persecuted (harmed)".
Therefore his shodaqoh how important in our lives, when the companions of the Prophet, Ali bin Abi Talib also portrayed herself in a story here:

A when Fatima, the wife of Ali's best friend, r. a., disease. the companion Ali r. a. said, ' o my wife in a State of pain like this, what do you want food? "answered his wife."My husband and I would love to eat pomegranates! "

Then Ali ra thought for a moment, what to do at that time. He has no money. Then he got up and went to the market. He borrowed the money one Dirham for one of your friends, and then buy him a pomegranate. on the way home she meets suffers pain, lying on the roadside, as people wasted from his family.
See it Ali ra stopped its journey and approached the man and asked: "Hi kisanak what do you do with it?"The man replied, ' o Ali ra, have five days I'm lying, here as people wasted. Nobody comes in this way let my fate.O Ali, if you please give me a pomegranate! "

Pomegranates are among the wives of the sick and the elderly who are in need of one side could make a helping Ali plays the brain.The raging question in mind. "I just have a pomegranate, a pomegranate, if I give to my wife's parents and is not if but how do I give it to this guy Fattimah that I had violated the word of God Almighty, which reads" and against the poor is not rebuked him "(QS: ad-Duha: 10).In addition to the Prophet also said: "If you refuse a person who likes to ask, even if you are at the top of the vehicle".

After that, there emerged a new idea in the mind of Ali ra, which divides into two parts.The portion given to beggars who suffer pain and that some were given to his wife. Therefore accept the pauper, immediately take the pomegranate with lahapnya.And instantly he recovered his health seems to be also.

Then with a sense of shame, Ali ra sends home half a pomegranate stay to itri.So to see the return of the husband rushed to greet him with a cheerful Fatimah and said, "my husband why you seem to be glum? Know my husband shortly after the departure of mu, I healed from the pain of Pomegranate and don't want more.For the sake of the Almighty God, I beg You don't have to be sad! ".Then Ali ra also feel happy for his wife's statement.

Just sit next to Fatima Ali suddenly sound door on tap.Then he answered: "who are you?"for people who are knocking on the door "I, Salman the Persian, open the door!"then he opened the door for guests, and stood to greet him.

It turns out Al-Saman, the Pharisees brought the dessert tray with a piece of cloth.After inserting the tray immediately put Salman before she asked Ali. "Hi Salman, from where does this tray?"Salman says: "from God that gave to his Messenger, and then from Prophet bestowed upon you!."Ali then unscrew the tray, which contains nine grains of Pomegranate. He asked Salman: Hi, again, if this is really for me, definitely not his nine of ten. because God himself said: "whoever charity then he gets ten times" (QS.Al-An'aam: 160)

Then Salman blushed while removing the pomegranates from the sleeves, and then put it on the tray and said: "o Messenger of God, to the son-in-law of the pomegranate is a fruit that add up to ten but I want to test your intelligence!".

Source: the book of Hadith class VIII
Therefore, we as a people who embrace islam should race in doing real shodaqoh shodaqoh nearer our souls to God Almighty.

Tomatoes Health Food For Your Body

Benefits Of Terrible Tomatoes For The Health Of Your Body
The tomato is one of the fruits that are synonymous with a glowing red color. Everyonecertainly are familiar with red fruit on this one. Tomato fruit is usually eaten directly oradded to the family favourites. Because tomato is one of the types of fruits, then it is not surprising if these fruits contain a variety of nutrients and benefits for your body.Few of us are aware of the benefits of plum tomatoes, then what are the benefits ofterrible tomatoes for the health of the body ......???

A friend, health tips. The tomato is one of the relatively inexpensive festive fruit and easy to find in the market. So not surprisingly, the tomatoes are always there in the kitchen or your refrigerator. Even so, an awful lot of content of nutrients in red fruitsthat are rich in these benefits. Based on this research, the fruit contains a source ofvitamins A, C, K, potassium, folate, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and low in sodium, saturated fat, calories and cholesterol. This is what makes the tomato became one of the fruits that contain a lot of benefits compulsory body sobegi consumed daily. Based on a variety of his nutritional content, I will provide the information to the health benefits of tomatoes in your body. Here are some benefits ofawesome tomatoes for the health of your body:

Launch and nourish the digestive system. One of the advantages of tomato that is a source of fibre needed by your body. So, for anyone that wants to keep the digestive system healthy and uneventful, start by consuming fruits rich in these nutrients.

Protect facial skin and the skin of the body. This is because the source of likopen istomatoes. Content of likopen in tomatoes serves to prevent tissue damage skin caused by ultraviolet light from the Sun for those of you who want a clean and bright facethen start consuming the tomato buagh.

Strengthens Bones In The Body. This is because, the fruit is a great source of vitamin K, so you often eat these tomatoes were able to prevent bone mengeroposnya or better known as the osteoporosis.

Cancer Prevention Is More Effective. For those of you who want to avoid the various types of cancers such as prostate cancer, mouth, throat, stomach, colon and ovarian cancer routine, begin to consume the fruit of the tomato.Due to the womb likopen is tomatoes very potent in preventing various cancers.

Preventing Diabetes Naturally for those who suffer from Diabetes begin to consumered fruit because the content of chromium in tomato fruit is able to help balance blood sugar levels in your body. So it is more stable and does not harm the health of your body.

Sharp Vision. Source of vitamin A in tomatoes serves to maintain eye health andcapable of sharp power see one's eyes are organs of the various objects in the vicinity.

Strengthen and beautify the Crown of your head. Source of vitamin A in tomatoes is able to nourish the hair and strengthens the hair from the ends up to the roots.Andmake your hair more beautiful.

So the tips keep health by consuming the tomato fruit. May be useful and helpful for the reader all

Importance Of Water For Body

Drinking plain water in the morning is often we underestimate and thusnourish.Moreover, the new ketikakalian wake up, just drink plain water. A lot of peoplewho don't know will benefit this white water in the morning mainly when waking up.They tend to underestimate this.

White water, contains many good benefits for the body and can give positive energyfor our bodies.

Various facts have been found, including our bodies require lots of water, especially forthe brain. If our agency has no fluid in the body, what will happen? Well imaginethemselves.

Buddy, we need at least 8 (eight) glasses of water per day. It is intended as a very solidin our daily activity we surely should be able to compensate with plain water. If we lackwater, we will feel more tired quickly, not eager to live a badancapek activity.

And the right time to drink plain water is the morning shortly after waking up. Do notyet take any food or beverage of any kind. Wake up you should immediately drinkplain water at least 2 (two) white enough glasses of water in the morning. Not just afterwaking up, going to bed is also recommended to drink plain water.

White water has many benefits and the benefits contained therein. Drinking white water once it is highly recommended to us. Refer to the merits.

1. rejuvenation of the muscles as well as your blood cells.
Drinking water is extremely beneficial to smoothen the flow of blood from any dirt orbacteria or can also avoid toxins in your blood and in your body.

2. control of body weight.
For those of you who like to her ideal, no need to bother there here to consumeproducts that are not clear. It is enough to consume water, your body could be ideal as you wish but must also be accompanied by regular exercise.

3. more healthy Kidney and awake.
Drinking plain water very well the benefits I've described above. Especially also in the kidneys. It can relieve the working kidney and kidney health care can keep you from any disease.

4. Expedited CHAPTER.
No need painstakingly to buy expensive medications. If you are constipated or difficultchapters (bowel movements), simply drinking plain water when waking up in the morning to make way for the CHAPTER.

5. the Agency look more fresh.
Drinking plain water in the morning can kill the toxins inside the body in the blood stream by way of removing the sweat or pass urine. So your body seem fresher and healthier.

6. large intestine work better
With drinking water, your colon will work better so the intestine can digest the foodyou have been eating processed smoothly.

7. to prevent the arrival of the disease.
You often ill lately? Try drinking plain water because water white work so quickly can eliminate the disease in the body as well as your flow clean of the disease.

70% of our body consists of water. The water in the body we are used to work the heart, kidneys and the brain and never stopped though when we sleep. Drink waterbefore bed are also recommended to dump toxic when we fell asleep asleep. And don't forget to wake up also drank plain water, this is also useful in order for your body to avoid disease.

That's the series of kindness, benefit, or the benefits of drinking water in the morningshortly after waking up. And ideally we should be drinking 8 glasses of water per day.So many menfaatnya, friend, do not hesitate to drink plain water, especially during the morning after waking up because it can nourish our bodies.

Things To Do In Yogyakarta Special District

Yogyakarta is a tourist spot that we visit in Indonesia it has thousands of attractions suitable for tourists who want to visit the place popular in Indonesia.
the Parangtritis beach is the famous tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, located 27 km south of the City and is easily reached by public transport, which operated until 17.00 or private vehicle. Afternoon toward sunset is the perfect time to visit this beautiful beach, due to the views of the sunset or Sunrise that is so wonderful for you. But when you arrive faster, does not hurt to ride to the Cliffs behind the beach is Gembirawati. From there we could see the whole area south of Parangtritis Beach, the sea, up to the limit of the horizon that can membuata you wonder while there.

2.Candi Prambanan  Hindu culture is a masterpiece from the 10th century. Its slender and soaring up to 47 meters makes its architectural beauty is tertandingiyang which means to demonstrate the triumph of Hinduism in Java. The temple is located 17 kilometers from the city center, in the middle of the area that is now the Park was built.

Prambanan Temple has three main temples in the main page, namely Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The third Temple is the epitome of Trimurti in Hindu belief. The third Temple is facing East. Each of the main temple has a single accompanying Temple facing to the West, namely Nandini for Shiva, Angsa for Brahma, and Garuda for Vishnu. In addition, there are 2 flank temples, Temple 4 kelir temples and 4 corner temples. Meanwhile, the second page has 224 temples.
Entering Shiva temple which is located in the middle and highest building, you will find 4 pieces. One main room contains Shiva statue, while 3 other rooms each containing a statue of Durga (Shiva's wife), Agastya (Shiva's teacher), and Ganesh (son of Shiva). Statue of Durga is touted as a statue of Roro Jonggrang.
Well, there is still much more to be unearthed in Prambanan. You may not be enough, of course. If finally tired, you can relax in the garden around the temple while viewing – see the sights around the temple area browsing to get rid of your tired.

Yogya-Solo Highway Km 16, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55571.

3. Is trading center in Malioboro Street, which is also part of an imaginary axis that connects the Parangtritis Beach, Panggung Krapyak, Yogyakarta Sultan Palace, Tugu, and Merapi volcano was once a hive as well as stage performances of the artists of Umbu Landu Paranggi Malioboro.

In Malioboro much desired merchandise ranging from beautiful accessories, unique handicrafts, batik classic, gold and precious stones to household appliances is available here.Yrga easily accessible starting from the highest circles to lower levels. For fan souvenirs, Malioboro is becoming cool hunting paradise. A variety of locally-made handicrafts such as batik, rattan ornament, silver, bamboo handicrafts, leather puppet, blangkon, miniature traditional vehicles, accessories, key chains can all be found easily. With color and shape that interests you for buying the cindramata as a gift or as a decoration or for your collection, and sold at a price that is easy to reach from the highest circles to lower levels.Although it is expensive you must be good at bargaining for price-becomes cheap. and many cheap hotels in malioboro area
the Yogyakarta Palace is the King of Yogyakarta, but the place is also the keeper of the flame of the Javanese culture. In this place you can learn and see firsthand how cultural remains preserved in the Middle rate of the development of the world. This is also the place of Javanese culture living museum in Yogyakarta.
The tourists can see the collection that is stored in a glass box in a variety of rooms ranging from ceramics and glassware, weapons, photographs and miniature replicas, to the various types of deorama and the process of making batik. In addition, tourists can enjoy the performing arts with the schedule below. The performances range from the traditional, golek, wayang kulit, and dancing.
Schedule daily performances at the Palace
• Monday – Tuesday: gamelan music (starting at 10: 00 a.m)
• Wednesday: Wayang golek menak (starting at 10: 00 a.m)
• Thursday: dance performance (starting at 10: 00 a.m)
• Friday: Javanese poetry (starting at 9: 00 am EDT)
• Saturday: Wayang kulit (starting at 09.30 BST)
• Sunday: Puppet people & dance performance (starting at 09.30 BST)
• Opening hours: 08.00-14.00 WIB
Entrance ticket:
• Tepas Kaprajuritan: US $ 3,000
• Tepas tourism: Rp. 5,000
• Permit a camera/video: USD 1,000.
And for information on other tourist attractions Tourist place.

Think to do in Yogyakarta special region

Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or Yogyakarta Palace is the official Palace of the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Kingdom and a very beautiful place for most people at this place besides the Palace is also home to tourist attractions.And the Palace is located near malioboro Street – so you can also to malioboro Street after the Palace of the ngayokyakarta.

And the Palace which is located in the city of Yogyakarta, special region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Although the Sultanate has officially become part of the Republic of Indonesia in 1950, the complex of buildings of the Palace still serves as the residence of the sultan and his household who still run the tradition of today. The Palace is now also one of the attractions in the city of Yogyakarta and frequently visited in the Yogyakarta region of keratin complex Portion of the Palace is a museum which houses various collections belonging to the Sultanate, including a variety of gifts from Kings of Europe, a replica of the Royal heirloom, and gamelan. And with an area of 1.3 sq km of the Palace is built with Java, i.e. natural Cosmology is divided into 3 parts namely upper as the place where the gods then the central part as a man and as a place down the forces of evil, while the top and bottom of each is further divided into 3 sections which are all so 6 portions. That section is:
Square utarasampai Square neighborhood siti Hinggil North
1. Keben or kemandungan North
2. Sri Manganti
3. Center the Palace
4. Kemagangan
5. the Kemandungan Kidul
6. The South until hinggil siti square South
While in the Palace in the spatial pattern of rows with kosentrik namely:
1. the outer layer, here there is The square of the North and South, with each antributnya. North square with the square of the great mosque, Pekapalan, Performances and markets that make up a single gatara chess. Square – South square with Cage the elephant kepatihan as prasaranan bureaucracy and the Fort as a military infrastructure
2. a second layer, Siti Hinggil is a page with an elevated platform. It is also found in the North and South sides. Siti Hinggil North there is a ward and manguntur Ward witana tangkil place to hold a State ceremony, while siti hinggil South is used to view the exercise of soldiering. The last part of the second layer is the supit urang/pamengkang the way that Siti Hinggil.
3. the third layer consists of the northern and southern Kemandhungan. This is a space of transition toward the Center. On the North is the kemandungan's ward as a special court docket did sultan who dealt with the King. In addition to the waiting room as a servant to the King.
4. the fourth consists of a Layer Of Sri Manganti to bangsal Sri manganti in the waiting room before the King, the there is a ward in the North of the trajumas kemagangan and kemagangan Ward on its South.
5. the final Layer is the core which is contained of kedhaton Tratag, Pendhopo, pringgitan.As a liaison between the Court bounded by Castle and the gate so that there are 9 gate on 9 of the Court and the name of the gate is the gate, the gate of Brajanala Bell Pangurakan, Srimanganti Gate, Danapratapa Gate, Kemagangan Gate, Mlathi gate, Gadung Gate Kamandhungan gate, Gadhing Gate and Tarub.
Thank you for reading this article hopefully after reading this article the reader can visit this place.